Thanks for stopping by my site! 

My name is Amy and I'm a wife and mother to four awesome kids. Noah, Lucas, and my twins Samuel and Olivia. I love coffee, nearly any diy project, am a cronic emoticon user (I've already removed five smiley faces), AND am a hugger. You've been warned. ;)

I began down my photography path when my oldest was just a month old. My husband deployed and I desperately wanted to share with him images that would make him feel like he was a part of our son's first year of life.

That's still my goal today. I want to produce images that reflect those deep connections and, believe it or not,  showcasing those connections is really a lot of fun. I'll tell bad jokes, play games with the kiddos, you'll hopefully laugh at said bad jokes, and cuddle, and smoosh, and be all the things that make you YOU. I'll be all the things that make me ME and we'll walk away with something amazing.

Warmly, Amy